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Over 150 Atlantic islands species are threatened with extinction. Help us secure their future.

Only 42 species of arthropods and molluscs were assessed from Azores until recently.  In this last year we assessed about 130 species of arthropods from Azores. Our aim is to assess all endemic species of Macaronesia and Southern Atlanti islands, which will be a daunting task.

What are Red Lists?

The IUCN Red List assesses the extinction risk of the world’s plant, animal and fungi species.

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Acrostira bellamyi (Uvarov, 1922)

Gomera Stick Grasshopper (English)

Acrostira tamarani Baez, 1984

Gran Canaria Stick Grasshopper

Acrostira tenerifae Perez & López, 2005

Tenerife Stick Grasshopper

Ameles gracilis (Brulle, 1838)

Delicate Dwarf Mantis

Ameles limbata (Brulle, 1838)

Fringed Dwarf Mantis

Ariagona margaritae Krauss, 1892

Tenerife Short-winged Bush-cricket

Arminda brunneri Krauss, 1892

Tenerife Rock Grasshopper

Arminda burri Uvarov, 1935

Gran Canaria Rock Grasshopper

Arminda canariensis Morales Agacino, 1941

Splendid Rock Grasshopper

Arminda fuerteventurae Holzapfel, 1972

Fuerteventura Rock Grasshopper

Arminda hierroensis 2016

Hierro Rock Grasshopper

Arminda lancerottensis Holzapfel, 1972

Lanzarote Rock Grasshopper

Arminda latifrons Enderlein, 1930

Gomera Rock Grasshopper

Arminda palmae Hochkirch, 2008

Palma Rock Grasshopper

Calliphona alluaudi Bolívar, 1893

Gran Canaria Green Bush-cricket

Calliphona gomerensis Pfau & Pfau, 2007

Gomera Green Bush-cricket

Calliphona koenigi Krauss, 1892

Tenerife Green Bush-cricket

Calliphona palmensis Bolívar, 1940

Palma Green Bush-cricket

Calliptamus plebeius (Walker, 1870)

Canarian Pincer Grasshopper

Canariola nubigena Krauss, 1892

Canarian Laurel Bush-cricket

Canariola willemsei Morales-Agacino, 1959

Tenerife Laurel Bush-cricket

Dericorys minutus Chopard, 1954

Gran Canaria Crested Grasshopper

Euchloe hesperidum Rothschild, 1913

Canary Green-striped White

Evergoderes cabrerai Bolívar, 1936

Gran Canaria Bush-cricket

Gryllomorpha canariensis Chopard, 1939

Canarian Crevice-cricket

Oedipoda canariensis Krauss, 1892

Canarian Band-Winged Grasshopper

Omocestus simonyi (Krauss, 1892)

Purpurarian Grasshopper

Pieris cheiranthi (Hübner, 1808)

Canary Islands Large White

Pseudoyersinia betancuriae Wiemers, 1993

Betancurian Dwarf Mantis

Pseudoyersinia pilipes Chopard, 1954

Hairy Legged Dwarf Mantis

Pseudoyersinia subaptera Chopard, 1942

Short-winged Dwarf Mantis

Purpuraria erna Enderlein, 1929

Purpurarian Stone Grasshopper, Purpurarian Stick Grasshopper

Purpuraria magna López & Oromí, 2013

Lanzarote Stick Grasshopper

Sphingonotus guanchus (Johnsen, 1985)

Gran Canaria Sand Grasshopper

Sphingonotus pachecoi (Bolívar, 1908)

Lanzarote Sand Grasshopper

Sphingonotus picteti (Krauss, 1892)

Tenerife Sand Grasshopper

Sphingonotus willemsei Mistshenko, 1937

Cañadas Sand Grasshopper

Thyreus hohmanni Schwarz, 1993

La Crocise de Hohmann