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BackPlutonia reticulata Mousson, 1872

Plutonia reticulata Mousson, 1872

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum:
  • Class: Mollusca
  • Order: Gastropoda
  • Family: Vitrinidae
CR Critically Endangered
IUCN Red List Status:

Countries of Occurrence:
Spain - Canaries


Groh, K. & Alonso, M.R.

Neubert, E., Gómez Moliner, B.J., Seddon, M.B. & Cuttelod, A.


Facilitators / Compilers/s:

Assessment Rationale:

This species is endemic to Tenerife where it is found on the southern slope of the Anaga Mountains. It is found in two sites within 3 km2  that can be impacted both at the same time by several threats, such as fires or future encroachment of the city (the site lies on the edge of Santa Cruz), hence the species is assessed as Critically Endangered (CR) B2ab(iii).

Geographic Range:

This species is endemic to Tenerife where it is found on the southern slope of the Anaga Mountains.

Spain - Canaries
Extent of Occurrence (EOO):
Area of Occupancy (AOO):
4 (km2)
Elevation Lower Limit:
Elevation Upper Limit:
Biogeographic Realms:
Endemic Canaries


There are no data on the population size or trend.

Habitat and Ecology

This species occurs in the "piso basal", typical lowland vegetation on Canaries.

Major Threat(s):

Future threat are related to the encroachment of urban development as the site lies on the edge of Santa Cruz (within 200 m of the limit of urbanisation) (Moliner Gomez et al. 2001).

Conservation Actions

Both Valido et al. (1999) and Moliner Gomez et al. (2001) suggest this species is Endangered. This species is included as Vulnerable B2ab(iii) on the Red List of Spain (Verdu and Galante 2006). Part of the site lies in a protected area, however most of the habitat is not protected and hence the protected area needs to be extended to cover the entire habitat of this species. In addition long-term monitoring is required for the species.