IUCN SSC Mid-Atlantic Island Invertebrates Specialist Group

Help Rescuing the Desertas Critically Endangered Land Snails Species Extinction


Four endemic land snails were rediscovered in the last 12 years after decades without a live record. Unfortunately, they share similar threats, namely restricted location (under 100 m2), single populations (<50), predation by introduced species (mice), habitat loss and degradation due to the grazing goats, making them at the very brink of extinction!

They all occur in a single location on the same island, Deserta Grande, a steep and dry 10 km2 island, and the largest of three government-owned inhabited islands (Desertas islands, Madeira), a KBA.

International partners will help rescue 4 Critically Endangered endemic land molluscs through a multispecies captive breeding program, engaging stakeholders and resources on the Desertas Islands (Madeira); with a multistep conservation action program to initiate species recovery.

The project will benefit national and local stakeholders via collaborative action, partnering with the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (Madeira Autonomous Government, IFCN IP-RAM) and local community members on Madeira.

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