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Quarta, 05 de Janeiro de 2022

Welcome to the third newsletter of 2021.

In this issue, Dinarte Teixeira brings exciting news for the Desertan critically endangered land snails species conservation.

Yeray Monasterio and Martin Wiemers et al. talk about the monitoring program of the butterflies from the Canaries and Madeira Islands.

Dinarte Teixeira signals the start of the Ghost snails species project in Madeira, where Mário Boieiro brings novelties about the importance of exotic forests for the conservation of rare endemic species in the Azores. He also reveals the special issue in preparation about the arthropod diversity and conservation in islands.

Paulo Borges talks about the temporal changes of canopy arthropods in natural forests from the Azorean islands, while António Franquinho Aguiar brings novelties about Hymenoptera and Coccinellidae.

Finally, we reveal the SSC Chair’s citation of excellence received by the MAIISG.

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Did you know?

How many endemic species of arthropods are in Azores?

There are about 250 arthropod species and subespecies endemic to Azores. See also http://sea-entomologia.org/IDE@/revista_5B.pdf 

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