IUCN SSC Atlantic Island Invertebrates Specialist Group


Over 150 Atlantic islands species are threatened with extinction. Help us secure their future.

Our aim is to assess all endemic species of Atlantic islands, which will be a daunting task.

What are Red Lists?

The IUCN Red List assesses the extinction risk of the world’s plant, animal and fungi species.

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Centromerus anoculus Wunderlich, 1995


Centromerus sexoculatus Wunderlich, 1992


Dysdera coiffaiti Denis, 1962


Dysdera diversa Blackwall, 1862


Dysdera vandeli Denis, 1962


Hogna biscoitoi Wunderlich, 1992

Biscoito Wolf Spider / Tarantula-de-Biscoito

Hogna heeri Thorell, 1875

Heer Wolf Spider / Tarantula-de-Heer

Hogna ingens (Blackwall, 1857)

Desertas Wolf Spider

Hogna maderiana Walckenaer, 1837

Madeira Wolf Spider / Tarantula-da-Madeira

Hogna schmitzi Wunderlich, 1992

Porto Santo Wolf Spider / Tarantula-de-Porto-Santo

Pararge xiphia (Fabricius, 1775)

Madeiran Speckled Wood (English)

Pieris wollastoni (Butler, 1886)

Madeiran Large White 8English)