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Over 150 Atlantic islands species are threatened with extinction. Help us secure their future.

Only 42 species of arthropods and molluscs were assessed from Azores until recently.  In this last year we assessed about 130 species of arthropods from Azores. Our aim is to assess all endemic species of Macaronesia and Southern Atlanti islands, which will be a daunting task.

What are Red Lists?

The IUCN Red List assesses the extinction risk of the world’s plant, animal and fungi species.

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Helenoscoparia nigritalis (Walker in Melliss, 1875)

Small Chimney-sweep Grass Moth (English)

Homoeodera compositarum Wollaston, 1877

Daisy-plant Fungus Weevil (English)

Homoeodera edithia Wollaston, 1877

Edith’s Fungus Weevil (English)

Homoeodera elateroides Wollaston, 1877

Click Beetle-like Fungus Weevil (English)

Homoeodera major Wollaston, 1877

Greater Fungus Weevil (English)

Homoeodera scolytoides Basilewsky, 1972

Bark Beetle-like Fungus Weevil (English)

Labidura herculeana (Fabricius, 1798)

St Helena Giant Earwig, Saint Helena Earwig, St Helena Earwig (English)

Mellissius adumbratus Wollaston, 1869

Shadowy Chafer (English)

Paraheliophanus jeanae Clark & Benoit, 1977

Jean’s Jumping Spider (English)

Paraheliophanus napoleon Clark & Benoit, 1977

Napoleon Jumping Spider (English )

Paraheliophanus sanctaehelenae Clark & Benoit, 1977

St Helenian Jumping Spider (English)

Paraheliophanus subinstructus (Pickard-Cambridge, 1869)

Under-equipped Jumping Spider (English)

Pseudolaureola atlantica (Vandel, 1977)

Spiky Yellow Woodlouse (English)

Scaptomyza horaeoptera Tsacas & Cogan, 1977

Beautiful-winged Fruit Fly (English)

Scheloribates evanescens Wallwork, 1977

Fading Beetle Mite (English)