IUCN SSC Mid-Atlantic Island Invertebrates Specialist Group

2016-2017 IUCN Mid-Atlantic Island Invertebrate SG Report

Quarta, 15 de Agosto de 2018

In the folowing Link: http://gba.uac.pt/fotos/noticias/1534336212.pdf

find the 2016-2017 Mid-Atlantic Islands Invertebrate SG Report. This report will be uploaded to the IUCN SSC official web page and will be included in the 2016-2017 Report of the SSC and GSP.



Did you know?

How many endemic species of arthropods are in Madeira archipelago?

There are about 921 arthropod species and subespecies endemic to Madeira. See also http://sea-entomologia.org/IDE@/revista_6B.pdf

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