IUCN SSC Mid-Atlantic Island Invertebrates Specialist Group

Luis Crespo

Back • Ph.D Student

My previously published works include new spider species descriptions from the Azores and Madeira, faunistic studies in Madeira archipelago and the extinction risk assessment of the emblematic species Hogna ingens. Currently, I am a PhD student at the University of Barcelona supported by FCT (Portugal). I am conducting an integrative taxonomy study on Madeiran endemic spiders, with special focus on the genera Dysdera and Hogna. For this I intend to perform phylogenetic analyses of several genes, karyotype analysis, geometric morphometrics and other areas currently used to approach evolutionary insights on species-rich taxa in the Macaronesian archipelagos.


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Spiders; Taxonomy; Dysdera; Macaronesia

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Azores; Madeira


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