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Dinarte Teixeira

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Dinarte Teixeira currently works at the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation, IP-RAM (Madeira, Portugal). His research interests go from biogeography and island ecology to landsnails taxonomy and conservation. During the last decade, he has been involved on several LIFE conservation projects in Madeira archipelago, running the conservation and monitoring actions directed to the endemic landsnails species. Recent research and published work includes new land snails species descriptions from Desertas islands (Madeira archipelago, Portugal), faunistic studies in the Madeira archipelago and species conservation assessments of the emblematic endemic land snails species from Madeira archipelago.

He holds a BSc in Biology from the University of Madeira and an MSc in Ecology from the University of Coimbra. Dinarte is currently a PhD student at the University of Madeira (Portugal), conducting an integrative study on spatial and temporal dynamics of the Madeiran landsnails, with the purpose of evaluating the species response to climate and habitat shifting and the implications on their conservation.

He has great red listing experience, gained during the IUCN workshops at Bragança (2012) and Lisboa (2015), where he learnt Red Listing. Dinarte was recently involved on the European Terrestrial Molluscs assessment (LIFE PRE BE 001 - European Red Lists), as one of the assessors and experts, completing the assessment and distribution maps for 52 selected terrestrial molluscs species, 34 of those as the primary/author or co-author. 

Dinarte is currently a member of the Island Biodiversity, Biogeography and Conservation Research Group (IBBC) of CE3C and the Laboratory for Integrative Biodiversity Research (LIBRe), a multidisciplinary group working under the Finnish Museum of Natural History (the University of Helsinki), that focuses on ecology, biogeography, conservation biology and artificial intelligence. He is also a member of the IUCN SSC Molluscs Specialist Group. 


Jardim Botânico da Madeira, Eng.º Rui Vieira

Caminho do Meio, Bom Sucesso

9064-512 Funchal

Madeira, Portugal


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